• Remco Kooiman
    Unfortunately a lot of food goes to waste. Too bad actually, because an app like HorecaNow fights against food waste with a innovative concept. I think HorecaNow can make a big change in the hospitality industry.
    Remco Kooiman
    Student and Chef
  • Oscar Zeeman
    As a student I am always looking for the best discounts. I also care about the environment and know how much food goes to waste every year. HorecaNow combines these things perfectly
    Oscar Zeeman
    Student at TU delft
  • Marvin Oltmans
    I like the concept of HorecaNow. I'm convinced that they can distinguish their product from others on the market. It's like SocialDeal, but realtime
    Marvin Oltmans
    Marvin's Horecaplanken


A lot of businesses use apps like SocialDeal and Groupon. HorecaNow introduces a new concept to the market: Realtime discounts.

Where you normally would have to make a reservation, HorecaNow gives you the freedom to decide whenever you feel like it. By making it easier for your customers, we make it easier for you to attract more.


Unlike others, HorecaNow doesn't use margins. We simply offer our customers a monthly subscription, starting at €39.99

Because we make use of subscriptions, we make it possible for you as entrepreneur in the hospitality industry to recover your subscription costs by just 7 discounts a month.


14% of food waste comes from CHR

30% of global food goes to waste


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